West County Arts & Culture (WCAC), a non-profit organization, was created by the Greater Shelburne Falls Area Business Association to promote arts and culture initiatives in the hilltowns of West Franklin County, Massachusetts. We keep existing programs afloat, boost up new ones, and create our own. 



Our area is already bubbling with arts and culture. We want to make it burst! We envision a place where creatives come to make their ideas a reality; a place where people near and far gather to share their work and spread inspiration. We want to fund art that promotes positive change in our community and programs that educate about sustainability, ecology, and heritage. 

Join us in boosting the creative economy and making the Shelburne Falls Area an artist's paradise.




The Board of Directors of GSFABA serve as the Board for West County Arts & Culture. They hold monthly meetings.

The organization is currently going through strategic planning and transitioning to new management. 

Check back for updates!